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Culture + Strategy =
Sustainable brilliance

hello we’re Alleyne&

We help organisations, those who affect policy and wider society create sustainable and brilliant spaces by understanding and changing how power influences your culture, strategic ambitions and key stakeholders.

Simply put, by interrogating your organisational ambitions through the lens of power we can help you achieve Sustainable Brilliance.

We live in an age where organisations and business often drive how we as a society think, behave and function.

At Alleyne& we believe that understanding how power works in the brain and body can help organisations to create well functioning organisations that meet both their organisational ambitions and contribute to creating a world where all humans beings and the planet thrive in partnership.

Truly brilliant organisations and brands are sustainable because they are able to achieve their organisational ambitions by embedding 6P’s (people, purpose, profit, place, planet and power) into their thinking and actions.

(We work from the definition of power as the ability to influence how others think, feel and behave as well as having agency over our own thoughts, feelings and behaviour)

What We Do

Alleyne& is a collaborative consultancy and research incubator (The Co-Lab) that designs and delivers organisational programmes and public engagement activities to drive change.

Our work is driven through our founder Suzanne Alleyne’s groundbreaking research Neurology of Power™. Neurology of Power asks where power resides in the brain and the body. This question enables a journey that supports the creation of sustainability, equitability and resilience in workspaces and wider society.

Our consultancy can

• Help you solve a challenge, often around people, culture or strategy
• Create or co-create a public programme or project
• Chairing and facilitation services

Through our incubator (The Co-Lab)

• Collaborate on a research project
• Thought leadership

How We Work

Alleyne& has a diverse core and associate team. We work in a progressive style where collaboration and partnership sit at the heart of our practice. We work across sectors – from the funded arts and cultural sector to public authorities and global brands – and this enables us to cross pollinate knowledge, skills and understanding. As a result of this, we often create solutions through new models of working together.

We believe in integrating the 6 P’s: people, purpose, profit, place and planet, through the lens of power. We think that understanding and managing your relationship to power* is one of the biggest levers to helping you become sustainable and brilliant. This holistic approach is driven by the belief that profit with purpose benefits organisations and our wider society.

We believe that any project we work on with you requires us to collaboratively create a full picture of all the elements that could influence or impact the outcome. We think of these elements as interconnecting dots.

Our brilliance is that we support you to see, find and articulate both the dots you can see and those you can’t. This process brings your culture and strategy into alignment enabling you to achieve your project and wider organisational ambitions.

We think that understanding and managing your relationship to power* to reframe, refine or set your ambitions is one of the biggest levers to helping you become sustainable and brilliant.

*Power is the ability to influence how others think, feel and behave and having agency over how you yourself thinks, feels and behaves.

How We Work

Sustainable Brilliance™

‘Sustainable Brilliance’ is our people development framework. We create and deliver a range of workforce and community development programmes, through the lens of power.

No matter how great your strategy is, all organisations need exceptional organisational culture.  We believe that you can transform your results through working with us.

Alleyne& encourages organisations to look at power and how it manifests personally and collectively. We facilitate sessions to discover what it feels like to work in your workplace, we examine at your collective beliefs and behaviours, and explore what everyone needs to thrive.

We’ll support your team in articulating a culture where everyone can reach their potential, and you’ll leave with the start of an action plan towards a more sustainable and equitable working culture.

The CoLab

Our incubator pursues novel research projects, collaborating with thought leaders across the arts & cultural sector and beyond. Research and findings are incorporated into work with organisations, creating an iterative cycle of cultural change. We currently centre three key themes:

(1) Power, culture, and equitable spaces
(2) Neurodiversity, progressive leadership, and innovation
(3) Self-care and well-being

Neurology of Power

Neurology of Power™ (NoP) is a ground-breaking iterative research project created by Suzanne Alleyne. This research on Power underpins everything we do at Alleyne&.

Power is so fundamental to how we exist as human beings. NoP aims to research, share, explain and demystify the science of where Power resides in the brain and the body, and understand how Power works.

NoP translates neuroscience into everyday language and practical tools, with an aim to transform systemic power structures into equitable environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes, and to support individuals, communities and organisations to thrive.

We’ve created a hub for everything you would want to know about power on allaboutpower.org.


As a conversational artist, Suzanne seeks to challenge inequalities in life through conversation and her process is always collaborative. For her, the art of conversation is how she makes sense of her life and her place in the world. In its creation, she seeks to shed a similar light for participants and audiences.

We have partnered with and received funds from a range of local and international partners including: Barbican, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, British Council, Canada Council and Factory International

About Suzanne

An inaugural 2016 Arts Council England changemaker, Suzanne is a visiting research associate and guest lecturer at King’s College London a Brand Ambassador for Achates Philanthropy and an RSA, DEMOS and 2020 Churchill Fellow.

Who We Help




BBC Radio 4

Carphone Warehouse

Channel 4

Chris Ofili

EA Games

Ekow Eshun



Gilbert & George

HM Prisons

House of Lords


Jeremy Jones

Jose Cuervo

Kwame Kwei-Armah




Sleaze Nation

Sony Ericsson


Spike Lee


Switzerland Tourism

Tate Britain

The Face

The Observer

The Prodigy

The Roundhouse

The Watchmen Agency

The Telegraph Magazine

Trace Magazine

V&A Museum

Wellcome Trust


Zadie Smith

What They Say

Swatch Europe

“…We have worked with Suzanne on a range of sports and lifestyle projects around the globe. As a brand consultant and producer she is the best we’ve worked with… “

- Global Head of Sports & Sponsorship, Swatch

V&A Museum

“Suzanne brings an exciting commercial sense of business to the art and is the most effective link between corporations and innovative artists – a brilliant thinker.”

- The Watch-Men Agency

GSTT (Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust)

“Suzanne has the extraordinary ability to cross between the commercial and public sector worlds with ease… It isn’t about the subject material that makes Suzanne a secret weapon – it is her ability to see the beauty of opportunity in the gap.”

- Head of Arts

House of Lords

“Her attention to detail is first class and she gets the best out of everyone she works with.”

- Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod, House of Lords

Swiss-Ski (Swiss National Ski team)

“Suzanne delivered our change management strategy. It was challenging, but it was brilliant and it worked.”

- Head of Coaching (Snowboarding), Swiss-Ski


Mountains have their own rules, it doesn’t matter which country they are in, you just need someone who understands how they work and who makes them work. That person is Suzanne.”

- Design Director, ARENA Magazine
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